Tuning Files API

What is Tuning Files API?

Sedox Performance Tuning application programming interface (API) allows you to use Sedox Performance as the tuning file service directly from your web page, invisible to your customers, thus offering it completely as your own product. File uploads, requests and downloads of the remaps are handled entirely by our system in the background while your web page handles credit orders, payments etc.

Start a completely new chip tuning business or improve the one you have by offering a complete online tuning file service under your own brand!

The system consists of API access and personalised web site templates and plugins for file upload and delivery. Our API can also be set up to meet your personal preferences for a custom experience.

Our service is maximally secure, handling customer data with the utmost care, while keeping it accessible only to you!

What do I get?

You will gain unlimited access to:

  • Tuningfiles service
  • Technical support
  • Credits and billing system
  • Website customisation
  • WordPress plugin and templates

What is the price?

The annual price for TuningFiles API access is 1.000€. There is no initial setup fee.

How do I get it?

Purchase and activation of the Tuningfiles API access are available under your account on tuningfiles.com.
After your purchase, you will automatically receive an access key and we will contact you with additional details on how to set up your system.


It is not required to have an API integration if you just want to purchase files from us.

Get your Tuning API by signing today!