New Man TG 2020 truck supported by K-TAG Service Mode!

Ksuite Software for KESS and K-TAG

This K-Suite update is dedicated exclusively to the Truck and LCV. In particular, the new MAN TG 2020 and IVECO S-WAY 2020 are added to the K-TAG supported vehicle list.

In particular, the protocol 1534 allows you to read and write in Service Mode the new MAN Truck equipped on the ECU Bosch MD1CE100.

It is about the new generation models of MAN trucks, that impress the users for efficiency economy, allowing to travel to the best with low consumption. However, the recalibrations of the ECUS mounted on these kinds of vehicles become necessaries, to optimize even more the performances, thus saving time and money.

Each operation is effective to improve the driveability and to ensure the high-performance of the truck in every application: long-distance transport, Forest Service, large distribution or as fire engines and operating units.

The 1446 protocols concern the BOSCH MD1CE101 ECU, equipped on the new IVECO S-Way 2020. This model replaces the Stralis. It is about a new generation truck: high-technology component, attention to consumptions. Here too, the recalibration interventions are fundamental to increase the performance without compromising mechanics.

The protocol 1524 involves the ECU Bosch ED16C39 equipped on the IVECO Daily and Massif, UAZ Patriot.

The 1525 protocol concerns the heavy and work vehicles of brands like Claas Tractor, International, Krone and Temsa. Vehicles supported by K-TAG Service Mode and on which you can finally intervene in reading, writing, and cloning without opening the ECU Bosch EDC7C32. An absolute plus, because you can make multiple operations, quickly and without worrying about making a mistake.

Sedox Performance remaps for the models above are in the development!