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Latest Autotuner updates!

In last few months Autotuner introduced protocols and extended compatibility with numerous models that now can be done over OBD or via a Bench procedure.To mention some: Bench and Boot read/write of Bosch EDC17U05 found in VAG 1.4 TDI 80hp, Bosch MEV17.2 found in Mini DFI 1.6 75hp – 122hp, Bosch MEDG17.0 found in Ford […]

Tool News
Alientech Protocol news!

New protocols for FCA vehicles available for K-TAG!

Thanks to the addition of the GPEC4, GPEC4LM, the GPEC control unit suite that includes FCA vehicles has been completely supported by Alientech tools! On the GPEC2, GPEC2A and GPEC3 ECUs  you can now read and write directly with K-TAG, or you can patch with K-TAG and then read and write in OBD with KESSv2 or other tools. Through the FREESCAL JTAG activation and […]

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