Read and write FCA Group Bosch EDC17C69 ECU via OBD!


The new OBD protocol developed for the Bosch EDC17C69 ECU enables you to remap dozens of FCA Group models with Multijet engines, produced between 2014 and 2021, in the simplest and fastest way. For the first time, apply a patch (in BOOT mode) to permanently unlock reading and writing through the diagnostic port. 

Supported models and engines:

Alfa Romeo

Giulia2.2 Diesel 6MTDiesel100 kW
Giulia2.2 Diesel 6MTDiesel110 kW
Giulia2.2 Diesel 6MTDiesel118 kW
Giulia2.2 Diesel 6MTDiesel132 kW
Giulia2.2 Diesel 6MTDiesel140 kW
Giulia2.2 Diesel 8ATDiesel100 kW
Giulia2.2 Diesel 8ATDiesel110 kW
Giulia2.2 Diesel 8ATDiesel118 kW
Giulia2.2 Diesel 8ATDiesel132 kW
Giulia2.2 Diesel 8ATDiesel140 kW
Giulia2.2 Multijet AT8Diesel140 kW
Giulia Q42.2 Diesel 8ATDiesel140 kW
Giulia Q42.2 Diesel 8ATDiesel154 kW
Giulia Q42.2 Multijet AT8Diesel154 kW
Giulietta1.6 JTDm2 16v 120Diesel88 kW
Giulietta1.6 JTDm2 16v 120 TCTDiesel88 kW
Giulietta2.0 JTDm 16v 175 TCTDiesel129 kW
Stelvio2.2 Diesel 8ATDiesel118 kW
Stelvio2.2 Diesel 8ATDiesel140 kW
Stelvio2.2 Diesel 8ATDiesel154 kW
Stelvio2.2 Multijet AT8Diesel140 kW
Stelvio Q42.2 Diesel 8ATDiesel140 kW
Stelvio Q42.2 Diesel 8ATDiesel154 kW
Stelvio Q42.2 Multijet AT8Diesel154 kW


500L1.6 16v Multijet 6MT (120 hp)Diesel88 kW
500X1.6 16v MultiJet II 120 4×2 CrossDiesel88 kW
500X2.0 16v Multijet IIDiesel103 kW
Talento1.6 16v Multijet 6MT (120 hp)Diesel88 kW
Tipo1.6 16v Multijet (120 hp)Diesel88 kW
Toro2.0 16v Multijet 6MTDiesel125 kW
Toro2.0 16v Multijet 9ATDiesel125 kW


Cherokee2.2 Multijet II 16vDiesel136 kW
Cherokee2.2 Multijet II 16vDiesel147 kW
Compass1.6 16v MultijetDiesel88 kW
Compass2.0 16v MultijetDiesel103 kW
Compass2.0 16v MultijetDiesel125 kW
Gladiator3.0 V6 MultijetDiesel194 kW
Renegade1.6 16v CRDDiesel88 kW
Renegade2.0 16v CRD 4×4Diesel88 kW
Renegade2.0 16v CRD 4×4Diesel103 kW
Renegade2.0 16v CRD 4×4Diesel125 kW


Combo1.6 CDTIDiesel77 kW