Quick Start Guide

Welcome to Sedox Performance!

Thank you for choosing Sedox Performance as your tuning files provider!

In this Quick Start Guide, you will find basic information on how to register, purchase tuning credits, and request remaps over our online system. Regardless of whether you are an experienced tuning house, or you are just getting started with vehicle optimisations, Sedox Performance can provide dyno tested tuning files, flashing equipment and accessories, and technical support.

1. Registration

Please, first register on www.tuningfiles.com!

This account will be used as your central account for buying credits and requesting remaps on TuningFiles.com and for buying tools or accessories at TuningTools.com. Please register here with your name, email, and password: https://app.tuningfiles.com/register

After registration and email confirmation, go to your Account/Settings and enter all the necessary details, such as billing and shipping addresses and notification settings.

2. Account types

Registered customers

After registration, you can immediately purchase the desired amount of credits and request remaps. The price for standard customers, one-time remaps and end users with personal flashers is 100€ for 10 credits which equals one power remap.


After registration, contact us so we can set up your account in the resellers pricing group. The pricing group will depend on the business agreement, your location, tool configuration, file volume etc.

Authorised dealers

After registration, contact us to arrange the contract details and purchase of our slave tools package with a special dealers discount.

Sedox slave tools, principal place of business and contract signing are the main requirements for becoming an authorised dealer.

EVC Resellers

If you want to use the EVC reseller function and purchase our project through WinOLS, after successful registration, enter your EVC ID in your profile info under Accounts / Settings / EVC Settings og contact us so we can set up your account in the EVC resellers price group. The cost of OLS projects is 10 EVC credits for cars and 20 EVC credits for trucks and tractors. The price of 10 EVC credits starts at 70€ and can go as low as 60€ if you purchase more than 100 credits in bulk.

3. Prices

Tuning Credit prices

Remap prices are based on tuning credits and the price of credits depends on your discount group. The starting price group for resellers is 10€ for 1 Sedox credit and the starting price group for the authorized dealers is 8€ for 1 Sedox credit.

A bulk purchase discount is active in all pricing groups:

Default price group credits purchasedPrice of 1 creditBulk price
10 Credits10€100€
100 Credits9€900€
150 Credits8€1.200€
Dealers price group credits purchasedPrice of 1 creditBulk price
10 Credits8€80€
100 Credits7€700€

For high volume authorised dealers and premium resellers we can arrange special tuning credit pricing through the dealership agreement!

Remap prices in credits

Depending on the type of vehicle, special requests and solutions, each remap can cost a different number of credits. Custom tuning is arranged and priced through separate agreements.

4. Credit purchase

Sedox Performance Dealers and Resellers

To request Sedox Performance remap you will need to have Sedox Performance Tuning Credits in your account.

You can purchase Sedox tuning credits directly on app.tuningfiles.com by clicking on the button BUY CREDITS (1) and choosing SDX (Sedox Tuning Credits) (2) and after successful payment, those will be automatically transferred to your account.

For the payment you can use Paypal, Credit cards over STRIPE payment processors (VISA, Mastercard, Diners, JCB), Apple Pay (if available), Google Pay (if available) or Bank transfer payment. When paying with methods that require verification or longer time to confirm fund transfer, like for example, bank transfer it can take some time for credits to show in your account, so take care to order credits in advance if possible.

NOTE: Take care to purchase Sedox Performance Tuning Credits since you can not use EVC credits to request tuning!

EVC Resellers

For EVC credits to purchase OLS project though WinOLS you can purchase credits in the same way as Sedox Tuning credits, just take care to select EVC credits (3).


5. File upload and remap request

After you have successfully read the vehicle ECU, login to app.tuningfiles.com, click on UPLOAD FILE and take care to finish all the necessary steps.

  • Click on the FILE SELECTOR button, browse on your PC and select original read file or drag and drop a file onto the file selector.
  • Select Vehicle details from the dropdown menu or enter your own data.
  • Select Remap type and details and check any special requests.
  • Write any extra information or additional comments and click on SUBMIT
  • Note that you will see an estimated file price which is based on your selection: vehicle type, remap type, special requests and your customer price tier. The price is an estimate and not final. The final price may be slightly different from the estimated price.
  • When your file is finished you will receive a notification on your email and mobile phone if you’ve opted for push notifications.


6. Support and Warranty Claims

Account and purchasing support

For all your questions about pricing, products and shipping please contact us.

Remaps and technical support

All questions about remaps, technical procedures or warranty claims should be sent exclusively thru our Support Ticket System, so we can properly follow and solve any questions, issues or inquiries.

Support tickets will be answered with top priority usually within 15 minutes.

If needed, we can provide remote assistance via Skype or Teamviewer for our dealers and resellers. Remote support has to be arranged in advance.

7. Tools and Accessories

In addition to remap development, Sedox Performance is also an authorised distributor of the major tuning tools brands Alientech, EVC, Flashtec CMD, Dimsport, Magic Motorsport, and others, also offering tools, accessories, protocols and subscription services for these.

For the tools purchased from us and, especially for our authorised dealers and resellers we also offer direct technical support or assist in technical support with the tool manufacturers.

If you want to start a tuning business we offer several kits that contain all the necessary equipment to start tuning and cover most of the vehicles.

For the complete offer, please visit our web shop TuningTools.com.

Last updated: juni 7, 2024