Suzuki Bosterjet Hybrids now supported by K-TAG Service mode!

Ksuite Software for KESS and K-TAG

The new hybrid engine Suzuki 1.4 16v Boosterjet Hybrid is controlled by the ECU Bosch MG1CS026.

Thanks to this new update, you can work with K-TAG in Service Mode on this ECU and intervene on the new S-Cross, Swift and Vitara 2020 models.

It is about the Japanese car manufacturer top models, range with hybrid engine which provides a petrol engine turbo 4 cylinders combined with a 48 V electric unit. A hybrid defined “light” who is very successful, as evinced by the steady and escalating sales of the Japanese brand.

The Alientech technicians, even on brand new ECUS and engines, can give you reliable answers and solutions, to put into practice to immediately improve your daily work. Thanks to this new K-TAG protocol, reading and writing in Service Mode of the ECU Bosch MG1CS026.

The Suzuki Hybrid systems ensures excellent performances and reduce consumptions up to 25% compared to the Boosterjet engine without a hybrid engine. Interesting data that show how necessary it is to deal with and to get to know the functionalities of these new engines. We listen to the market and we try to anticipate it, to provide you the best solutions at the exact moments that you need them. We are at your side, in your workshop.

Sedox Performance remaps for the models mentioned above are in the development!