Work via OBD on the Delphi DCM7.1A / DCM7.1B control units equipped on recent PSA group vehicles.


Thanks to the two new OBD protocols available only on KESS3, you can work on these Delphi ECUs easily, quickly and effectively.

Increase your earning opportunities with this release dedicated to PSA Group cars and light commercial vehicles produced between 2018 and 2020. Read and write via OBD the EEPROM of the DCM7.1B ECU and intervene in Virtual Reading OBD on DCM7.1A.

Supported models and engines:


C4 SpaceTourer 1602.0 BlueHDiDiesel118 kW


Grandland X2.0 CDTI 8ATDiesel130 kW
Vivaro2.0 CDTI 6MTDiesel90 kW
Vivaro2.0 CDTI 6MTDiesel110 kW
Vivaro2.0 CDTI 8ATDiesel130 kW
Vivaro Combi2.0 CDTI 6MTDiesel90 kW
Vivaro Combi2.0 CDTI 6MTDiesel110 kW
Vivaro Combi2.0 CDTI 8ATDiesel130 kW
Zafira Life2.0 CDTI 6MTDiesel110 kW
Zafira Life2.0 CDTI 8ATDiesel132 kW


3082.0 BlueHDi GTDiesel132 kW
50082.0 BlueHDI 150Diesel110 kW
50082.0 BlueHDI 180Diesel133 kW
5082.0 BlueHDI 150Diesel110 kW
5082.0 BlueHDi 160Diesel118 kW
508 SW2.0 BlueHDI 150Diesel110 kW
508 SW2.0 BlueHDi 160Diesel118 kW
Traveller2.0 BlueHDI 150Diesel110 kW
Traveller2.0 BlueHDi 180Diesel132 kW